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About the Estate

Chalet Pila Ranch spreads over 15,000 m2 in Hrvatsko Zagorje region, near Sljeme in Medvednica Nature Park, which is adorned by preserved nature, gentle green hills among which many springs of thermal water are hidden, as well as churches, old houses ('hiže') which lure with their authenticity, manor houses, mansions and parks.
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Tour Chalet Pila

Guests can try Finnish and Turkish saunas, a playroom with a billiard table and a table football, a wine cellar with a fully equipped kitchen and a bakers oven, and a swimming pool in the summer.

Living room

An unexpected combination of colours and textures gives this house character. The whole atmosphere of the living room radiates welcome. A fireplace in the central part of the room creates a cozy atmosphere during winter nights. Warm colours and the fire in the fireplace make this room the perfect place for gathering and relaxation.

Dining room

Although a part of the kitchen, this part of the house has the real feel of a dining room. Table and chairs made of elm and oak provide an ideal place for entertaining.

  • Kitchen

    The kitchen, with its stone tiles, wooden counter and a butler sink, has a home atmosphere. Fusion of colours, textures and kitchen utensils makes it perfect. The whole kitchen area is decorated in amazing rustic style.

Swimming pool

The house is also equipped with an outdoor swimming pool. In the summer time this part of the property is the right place to refresh, surrounded with a wonderful green area and autochthonous plants. Next to the pool there is a relaxation zone with a magnificent view of the hills.


There is a beautiful roofed veranda in the front of the house, a perfect place for soaking up spring sunbeams and enjoying fresh air and the beautiful view.

  • Outdoor dining room

    Outdoor dining room is at the back of the house. It is equipped with relaxing furniture, a barbecue and a dining table so that the guests can enjoy the food over a view of the surroundings in good weather.


There are three bedrooms in the house, which can host up to 8 people. The rooms are furnished with classic wooden furniture which gives them an authentic and cozy look.

  • Childrens room

    While decorating the childrens room, the owners had little guests in mind. Except the furniture which is in the same authentic style as the rest of the house, this room is equipped with several childrens toys and games.


Main space is open and includes the entire upper floor as well. There is a bed and a bookcase.

Winter garden

Winter garden is a room built in oak with a view of both sides of the estate. Pale pallet of colours in the room maximizes the light, while a comfortable sofa calls the guests to take a rest. Sitting in the winter garden watching flora and fauna of the surrounding area is a bliss.

  • Piano

    There is a piano in the winter garden for the guests to enjoy company and music. Is there a better way to relax than to watch the intact nature with the music from a piano?


Spare some time to relax and stop the busy everyday life for your healths sake.

  • Finnish Sauna

    Relax in the Finnish sauna, which is actually a wooden cabin with benches. The air flows out of the heater filled with hot granite rocks. It combines the tradition of dry air and design into functionality. Air temperature ranges fromoC to 110oC, and humidity is 10-30%.


Playroom is the best place for a family to spend time together. Between different activities offered on the estate and in the vicinity, the guests can enjoy in play and games. The playroom is intended for children and adults to fulfill their time on vacation.

  • Entertainment

    The room is equipped with a billiard table, a table football and a bar.

Main bathroom

The bathroom has a nostalgic atmosphere abundant with Victorian glamour. The owners chose the period which, together with elegant elements, gives the bathroom classic and traditional look.

Wine cellar

Together with the dining room, living room and veranda, this estate offers a wine cellar as another family gathering place and a place to entertain friends. In this special ambience in a rustic style and with a bakers oven your stay will be warmer, more intimate and comfortable.

Facilities in Chalet Pila

Apart from the facilities listed above, a chef and a housekeeper are available upon request.

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If you are thinking about the ideal location and accommodation for your holiday, Ranch Chalet Pila will not let you down.


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